Join us inside this Rigging Lab Academy exclusive demonstration for a documentative exploration and overview of the main systems we put together with El Dorado Search and Rescue’s Technical Rope Rescue Team.

Search and Rescue Advanced Artificial High Directional Skill Set Demonstration
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In this course
You will learn about:
  • ​Use of the Arizona Vortex Multipod
  • ​Twin or Two Tension Rope Systems
  • ​Physics of building anchors and mechanical advantage systems
  • ​Elements required to construct and operate safe and efficient raising/lowering systems
  • Clean rigging techniques
  • ​Scene safety, size-up, and management
  • ​Rescuer and subject safety
  • ​System safety evaluation
  • ​Troubleshooting and problem solving
  • ​Techniques to secure a subject in the vertical realm
    We gathered with the El Dorado County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Unit (EDSAR) with the focus of building a "demonstration of skill-sets" in order to fulfill their goal of establishing a "high water mark" for their team. That high water mark was focused through a working knowledge and compliance of artificial high directionals facilitated through the use of two tension rope systems (TTRS). 

    EDSAR has two distinctly different sides of the county; the "west slope" and "east slope". The east slope team is primarily the South Lake Tahoe area, while the west slope team is primarily more the "foothills and waterways". Both have unique topography to each which lends to a differential of skill-sets needed for each team. The art was in bringing both groups to an arena that allowed flushing of bias (out) resulting in the creation of beneficial and useful skills (in) and it was a joy to be a part of the process.

    The El Dorado County Search and Rescue Technical Rope Rescue Team is committed to a team approach wherein the leadership values the input and perspective of every team member in order to continuously expand the capacities and capabilities of the team.

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