• ​Ornamental tree trimming, to adapt the tree to its environment or to change its overall aesthetic
  • ​Maintenance trimming to remove dead wood and dying branches

  • Tree removal (progressive cutting of the truck from the top) if diseased or presenting a hazard...
Gear In Use 7
Tree Gear
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In this course
You will learn about:

    •    1 Introduction
    ◦    Introduction to Tree Care
    ◦    Tree Access - Doubled & Single     rope ascent technique
    ◦    Movement within the tree - Movement on doubled and single rope

    •    2 Progression - Movement
    •    3 General
    •    4 Tests - Standards
    •    5 Basics
    •    6 Carabiner Choice
    •    7 Ascent - Access
    •    8 Positioning - Restraint
    •    9 Dismantling
    •    10 Rescue
    •    11 Highlighted Gear

    Technical specifics:
    Access from the base of the tree generally starts by throwing a weighted bag with line attached. This line is used to install the access rope on an anchor up in the tree.

    While moving about on the branches, the arborist keeps his/her weight on the work rope, for greater stability and to reduce potential fall distance

    When using any cutting tool (handsaw, chainsaw), the arborist must use two independent belay systems

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