Energy and networks are characterized by structures such as towers, antennas, and windmills. The modes of progression are varied, and directly related to the structure itself.
Understand the Priciples. 
Understand The Gear.
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Energy & Networks
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In this course
You will learn about:
Welcome to Energy and Networks
What is Energy and Network all about? Why This Course?
Specific instructions for use
Tests - Standards
Fall Arrest
Carabiner Choice
Positioning- Restraint
Wrap Up!
Examples of Operations:
- work on high tension lines
- tower construction
- maintenance operations in wind farms...

Technical specifics:

- the user generally progresses using lifeline, cable or rail type permanent fall arrest systems
-lacking these, the user must ensure his/her own safety using personal protective equipment: energy-absorbing lanyard or mobile fall arrester on rope

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