If a victim is not able to self-rescue, the on-site work team has to respond immediately and move the person to safety. We'll look at gear for ready to deploy evacuation kits, advanced rope access techniques, and reducing risk of suspension trauma.
Gear In Use 3
On-site Rescue
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In this course
You will learn about:
Opening Thoughts on the Why of this course
Gear In Use 3 ~ On-site Rescue Introduction
Specific Instructions for Use
Ascent - Access
Bolting - Knots - Anchors
Carabiner Choice
Examples of Operations:
- a team member accesses the victim, unhooks the person, then lowers the victim unaccompanied
- a team member accesses the victim, releases him/her, then rappels down with the victim
-  the victim is suspended on a pre-installed evacuation system that does not require a team member to access him/her directly

Technical specifics:
-  unaccompanied evacuation can generally be done using a ready-to-use rescue kit
-  accompanied descent requires proper training, as it implies a mastery of advanced rope access techniques
-  in all cases, the rescue method should be as rapidly as possible, in order to reduce the risk of suspension trauma, especially when the victim is unconscious

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