Gear In Use 2 : Technical Rescue

The purpose here is to present a well-rounded "world view" of how Petzl gear (and gear in general) can or should be appropriated. Petzl is about Knowing, Understanding, and Sharing ~ Rigging Lab Academy feels exactly the same.
Gear In Use 2
Technical Rescue
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In this course
You will learn about:
  • Gear In Use ~ Technical Rescue Introduction
    Specific Instructions for Use
    Tests - Standards
    Ascent - Climbing
    Ascent - Access
    Bolting - Knots - Anchors
    Carabiner Choice
    Wrap Up
    Examples of Operations:
    - following a vehicle roll-over into a ravine, the victims are rescued via motorized means.
    - evacuation of an injured worker from a location that is difficult to access
    - helicopter rescue operations in mountainous terrain

    Technical specifics:
    -  technical rescue teams operate in any terrain. they have complete mastery of all     progression and belay techniques on rope
    - when the terrain allows, downward evacuation is preferred because of the gravity-assist
    - upward evacuation is a team effort that requires perfect coordination by everyone involved. It demands techniques which are sometimes particularly complex: raising systems, creating a hauling system using lightweight pulleys, counterweight techniques

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